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Our Wonder Barn brand is a concept offer inspired by experiential learning and facilitated community.


The inspiration for the Wonder Barn evolved from our own personal and professional experiences. We believe the best way to learn is to go, to see, to do, and to engage with others. The Wonder Barn is our desire to use demonstration places and facilitated conversation to build understanding of the systems that connect us to one another and to our environment. 


The "barn" represents any unique space, where small or large groups, known or unknown to one another, can gather or travel together for a variety of purposes - corporate meeting or retreat, city tour, art exhibit, skills workshop, recreation, film screening, concert, community supper, fundraising event or other activity.


Our team has experience planning dozens of sustainability themed community events, group seminars, outdoor leadership courses, and learning journeys across the US and Canada. We are equally equipped to go abroad with you. We will craft with you the scope of the engagement you seek to create, identify the appropriate places and space for the event, and facilitate as needed.


Sustainable Cities

We love showing others how different cities are demonstrating leadership through their sustainability platforms and programs. As part of this tour, you will meet with local leaders and visit initiatives in action.

Feature destinations: Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, Vancouver BC, Somerville, MA

Length: 1-2 days

Sustainable Food Systems

The interest in food systems continues to grow and to reach new audiences. We have been in this space a combined 20 years and can help others to understand how food is produced, distributed, sold, and consumed through local and regional tours.

Feature destinations: Vermont, Willamette Valley, Hudson Valley

Length: 1-2 days

Supply Chain Engagement

Much of the inspiration for this offer comes from our experience leading and participating in supply chain learning journeys to understand energy, water, waste, and food systems. We can help companies craft a custom supply chain tour to engage employees, clients, and community stakeholders.

Length: 2-4 days

For more information about upcoming programs or to plan a custom event, contact us.